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Latest FNB Universal Branch Code 2024 List In South Africa

Doing electronic fund transfers from one bank account to another is the simplest thing to ensure a secure transfer of money. In South Africa, it is important to know the First National Bank (FNB) Brand Code to ensure the safe transaction of cash from one account to another.

In case, you want to know the complete list of the latest FNB Universal Branch Code of 2024 in South Africa, then we got you covered here.

What is the First National Bank Universal Brand Code?

The FNB Universal Brand code, extensively used in South Africa is a six-digit number that could be 250 655. Generally, bank account holders make use of this six-digit number which is different for each bank branch to transfer money quickly, seamlessly, and securely. By using the respective FNB Universal Brand code, one can make secure EFT payments to any bank account.

Importance of Using FNB Universal Brand Code

There are reasons people of South Africa, specifically those who are valid bank account holders.

  • Ensure transactions go smoothly: When doing electronic fund transfers from one bank account to another, one has to use a respective brand code. However, finding different codes for different branches is a cumbersome job. Therefore, to simplify the process universal brand codes are available across FNB’s extensive network which helps in saving a great deal of time and effort.
  • Reduce payment-related errors: When you utilize a single-based and universal branch code, you prevent payment-related errors to an optimum scale. By using universal brand codes, certainly, there are fewer chances of entering the wrong code or sending money to some unknown individual account.
  • Ensure payment flexibility: In case, you don’t have access to the respective branch code of an individual, then use the universal branch code along with the recipient’s details to ensure the safe transfer of money.

List of Universal Brand Codes in South Africa

?Bank Name ✔️Universal Bank Code ?Swift Code
Absa Bank Limited 632 005 ABSAZAJJXXX
African Bank Limited 430 000 AFRCZAJJXXX
Bidvest Bank Limited 462 005 BIDBZAJJXXX
Capitec Bank Limited 470 010 CABLZAJJXXX
Discovery Bank Limited 679 000 DISCZAJJ
First National Bank (FNB) 250 655 FIRNZAJJ
FirstRand Bank – A subsidiary of First Rand Limited 250 655 FIRNZAJJRSL
Grindrod Bank Limited 223 626 GRIDZAJJXXX
Investec Bank Limited 580 105 IVESZAJJXXX
Mercantile Bank Limited 450 105 LISAZAJJXXX
Nedbank Limited 198 765 NEDSZAJJXXX
Old Mutual 462 005 OMAMZAJC XXX
Sasfin Bank Limited 683 000 SASFZAJJXXX
Standard Bank of South Africa 051 001 SBZAZAJJ
SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005 SBZAZAJJ
Tyme Bank 678 910 CBZAZAJJ

Concluding Thoughts

Get ready to have access to Universal Branch Code for banks in South Africa and ensure safe electronic fund transfer to any account you want. South Africa’s leading bank, First National Bank (FNB) has shared the list of universal branch codes of different banks for the convenience of account holders to ensure seamless transfer of cash within a few seconds of time.