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Terms and Conditions

By completing and submitting a registration application to be matched with one and more lenders through Focus Cash website you first need to agree with the terms and conditions posted on this website. Continuous use of our website will be considered as your agreement to our terms of service. So you must go through them at the earliest and if you are not agreed to it then you make a quick exit from our website and refrain from using it.

We have a South Africa based dedicated loan comparison website. Before using, downloading or accessing our services, you must agree to our terms of use. All popular lenders are participating on our network. This website does not charge any fees for its loan matching services.

We have provided some third party links and other advertisements on our site pages for your added information. You can use and download any content from out site pages just for your personal reference. Copying or downloading any content for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited and will be a publishable offense.

We will ask you to provide your personal details only when you register with us. At this website we are available round the clock to assist you. You are free to access our website at any time in a day without any obligation.

All lenders follow different set of terms and conditions which are not controlled by us. So if any damage caused to your personal details while browsing through any of the third party websites then we are not responsible for that. At this website we will always use tight and advanced security measures to maintain and safeguard your privacy.

At Focus Cash, we reserve a right to change or modify some parts of our terms and conditions from time to time without any advance warning. To keep a track on all changes, you are requested to read our terms and conditions every time you visit us online.

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If you have any questions or suggestions about our Terms and Conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.